Saturday, December 21, 2013

Zoya's Naturel Collection Swatches

Happy Saturday loves!

I am excited today, and all because it's my first swatch for an entire collection of nail polish. Even more exciting is that it is for one of my all time favorite, Zoya!


First we have Chantal, Three thin coats of this beauty. Zoya describes this as a cream vanilla color. It was the only one of the whole collection that I had to apply three coats, as two was still too clear/jelly for my taste, but the final result is beautiful.


Then comes Rue. A mix of pink and beige.


Odette is a maroon beige. Two thin coats.


Normani reminds me of a Cafe con Leche. Coffee and milk! Two thin coats.


Brigitte is a pale purple color, certainly one of my favorites as purple is my all time go to color. Two coats.


And last but certainly not least is Taylor. I just LOVED how this one looked in my hands. Two coats of this light toffee cream. Although I have to admit is very similar to Chantal,

but you can tell them apart with no problems.


Zoya has done a magnificent job with this Natural collection, they are all so perfect and delicate in their own way.

Thanks for reading, and again Happy Holidays.


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