Friday, March 28, 2014

How to do Water Marble Nails

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I did this photo tutorial for Nail It! Magazine a couple of months ago. Here it is again.


What you will need:

  1. Hair Spray

  2. Acetone

  3. Tooth Picks

  4. Masking Tape

  5. Q-Tip

  6. Disposable Plastic Cup with water at room temperature (almost Full)

  7. O.P.I.  Kiss Me on my Tulips

  8. Wet n Wild Wild Shine’s French White-

  9. Bettina’s Flip Flops

  10. Essie’s Pure Pearlfection

  11. HK Girl Top Coat


Let's Begin!

1.        Paint your nails using White, Purple and Pink nail polishes and wait for them to dry.1image


2.       Using the masking tape, cover the skin surrounding the nail of the fingers you’re going to be creating your design on. This would help minimize the clean up process.3
3.       a) Using your choice color, with the brush soaking in nail polish, let a drop of nail polish fall into the cup of water. Do it as close as possible to the water without touching it.b) it will spread above the surface. Add as many drops of polish as you want. Depending on the opacity desired. It should look like this, it will keep expanding. c) Spray onto the surface hair spray you can do spray once or twice. The nail polish will break. Do not let it sit long. Move quickly to the next step.d)  Pick the area where the best break of polish is. Place finger nail down onto the surface of the water with nail polish.e) with a toothpick remove the nail polish surrounding the finger.4
4.  Remove your finger from the water.

5.  Repeat step 3 (a thru e) for the other nail with the other color.6. Remove tapes from fingers.

7. With a Qtip and acetone, clean the skin and around the nails to remove nail polish.7
10.     Apply glitter nail polish to all your nails.8
11.     Then apply top coat to add shine.


12.      Done!10

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