Monday, April 28, 2014

She' colors that brightens up any mood

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Today I have a few nail polishes from different collections from She Nail Polish, and honestly I am in love already! What is best? These are four-free, does not contain ‘formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) which are harmful to humans and also, not tested on animals.

Rashetta, the founder and CEO who is from New York, as I am, have really something great working for her. The formula is great; I could not be more pleased. For all swatches I did only two coats and top coat for a little extra shine.

First we have End of Summer from their Falling into Fall 2013 collection. This lovely purple is a cream polish with very subtle shimmer. Two coats plus top coat.End of summer she nail polish 2

Harlem, from their Falling into Fall 2013 collection, my favorite, is a creamy peach delicacy. The formula for this one is a bit thicker but work as well as the others. If you do a thick coat you may only need one. Two coats plus top coat.Harlem she nail polish 2

Her Way, boy did this blue worked my way! It’s hard to find a blue that is easy, easy to apply and this one is just that! It is a dream to apply. This one is from their Spring Fling 2014 Collection. Two coats plus top coat.Her Way she nail polish 2

Secret Admirer from their Winter in New York 2013 collection, is a pink red, or very hot/dark pink. The camera was not working just too well for this color. These are two photos one I took with my Canon and the other with my iPhone.

Canon Photo:Secret Admirer she nail polish

iPhone Photo:Secret Admirer she nail polish 3

And last but not least is Thinking of You, a blood orange, at least that’s how I see it, so bright and pretty. This one is also from their Spring Fling 2014. This is the only jelly I got. And I love it as well. Two coats plus top coat.Thinking of you she nail polish 2

You can find these and more beautiful colors at

Price USD$6.00

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