Thursday, May 8, 2014

Neons by OPI 2014 Collection Swatches

Good evening loves,


I have today the new Neon collection from O.P.I. for you.  O.P.I. announced that these would be on their permanent line.

These six shades are the first full sized neons OPI has ever released. They have also added a white base coat to enhance color and make them POP! For each color I used one coat of this base as they recommend. Also neons dry semi-matte, use a top coat to add that extra shine!

OPI Put a Coat On!


First up is Life Gave Me Lemons! This polish is a dream! Easy application and oh so bright! I applied two Coats plus top coat.Life Gave Me Lemons OPILife Gave Me Lemons 1 OPILife Gave Me Lemons 2 OPI



Hotter than You Pink has very, very subtle shimmer in it. Loving it! Two Coats plus top coat.Hotter than You Pink OPIHotter than You Pink 1 OPIHotter than You Pink 2 OPI

Push & Pur-Pull has a great formula but I had to add three somehow loaded coats to get to this and it still! Keep in mind that purple is my favorite color and I am still debating this one.Push & Pur-Pull OPIPush & Pur-Pull 1OPIPush & Pur-Pull 2 OPI

Down to the Core-Al is a coral so brilliant and just perfect. Two coats plus to coat.Down to the Core-al OPIDown to the Core-al 1OPIDown to the Core-al 2 OPI

You are So Outta Lime! a lime green with a great formula. Two coats plus top coat.You are So Outta Lime! OPIYou are So Outta Lime! 1 OPIYou are So Outta Lime! 2 OPI

Juice Bar Hopping is a tangerine cream so bright that it was almost impossible to photograph. Three coats plus top coatJuice Bar Hopping OPIJuice Bar Hopping 1 OPIJuice Bar Hopping 2 OPI


Overall I loved them, some minor flaws with those I added three coats but the results are NEON!


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  1. Lovely shades. My favourites are down to the core-al and push and pur-pull.

  2. Absolutely love every color in this collection..but to keep from going broke I think I'm just going to get "down to the core-al". I have nothing like it in my collection. By the way I love your ring. Where did you get it?

  3. Thanks! the ring I bought at a store in NY. But ArmCandyFashion has pretty similar ones on their store on etsy.