Saturday, May 3, 2014

Zoya Summer 2014: Tickled (Part one)

Happy Saturday!

I am really excited for this post today; can you tell by the tittle?

I was recently accepted to be part of the media for one of my favorite nail polish brand, Zoya.

Today I will be sharing part one of the tickled & bubbly collection. We will be starting with tickled; I am a sucker for cream polishes, who doesn’t love cream polishes? I like anything cream, ice cream, sorry off we go…

Wendy, as described by Zoya, is a juicy summer melon, only thing I don’t like melons but this I’ll have anytime. I have discovered recently that medium to dark coral orange colors makes my skin look tan and it’s not even summer. Formula is a good type of medium thick, two easy coats plus top coat and voila! Zoya Wendy 2 Zoya Wendy

Rocha is a deep red color, so bright and cheerful. It has a very, very subtle shimmer that enhances a summer glow. I applied two easy coats plus top coat.Zoya RochaZoya Rocha

Ling is a very vibrant royal blue cream, loving how blues makes everything looks sophisticated and delicate, at least to me. I applied two coats plus top coat.Zoya Ling 2Zoya Ling

Rooney is magenta pink so deliciously creamy, I had to take a quick photo with my phone and send it to my sister, that’s how desperate I was to show off this one. I applied two coats and top coat.Zoya Rooney 2Zoya Rooney

Kitridge is a bubblegum pink, a classic summer color, and the only one I had to apply three coats, two was showing streaks, or maybe I should’ve allowed more time to dry between coats. Regardless the final result is fantastic. This also has top coat. The name of the label and the name Zoya has on their website are different; don’t know which one to use ;-)Zoya Kitridge 2Zoya Kitridge.

And last but never the least is Tilda, as described by Zoya, a warm mantis green. Two coats plus top coats. I really love this green.Zoya Tilda2Zoya Tilda

I love all of these and already have some nail art ideas written down, can’t wait to keep playing with these. I recommend waiting about two minutes in between coats as cream nail polishes tend to be a little bit more ticker so the drying time may be more. Zoya Tickled


All of these are available for preorder at shipping on May 14th, 2014. Price USD$9.00


  1. Ohh, I love the pink shades and the red-orange one! :) Pretty swatches!

  2. Thanks you! I had fun swatching, specially creams since I love cream polishes

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