Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lacquered Nail Polish

Hello Again!

Today I have a new indie polish. YAY!

Although I posted these a couple of weeks ago on my Instagram. This is Lacquered Polish , these are 5-free: which means they do not contain camphor, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde or formaldehyde resins.

I will post the description for each polish along with a regular shot and macro.

First up is "As Seen on YouTube "Inspired by countless hours of watching Youtube videos. This is a simple white crelly polish with red matte triangles, black holographic hex and ultra fine gold glitters" This is three coats plus top coat. It has YouTube written all over it. Lacquered Polish As Seen on YouTubeLacquered Polish As seen on YouTube MacroThis is Twerk in Progress  "Inspired by that popular dance style of the same name. This is a highly pigmented papaya colored crelly polish with royal blue hex and ultra fine tangerine glitters" this is three thin coats plus topcoat.

Lacquered Polish Twerk in progressLacquered Polish Twerk in progress MacroNext up is Can We Vlog? As many of you know purple is my favorite color, and this is so pretty and delicate. "Inspired by the latest form of keeping a diary. This is a unique aster hue polish with a purple to silver shift. Contains small iridescent hex glitters" Three thin coats plus top coat.Lacquered Polish Can we VlogLacquered Polish Can We Vlog MacroNext I have The Selfie "Inspired by our love for portraits of ourselves. This is a silver grey crelly polish with large holographic pink circles and fine holographic silver hex glitters." This is three coats plus top coat.Lacquered Polish The SelfieLacquered Polish The Selfie Macro

Next up is InstaLove. How cute is this? Each heart in this bottle is like a LIKE! Three coats plus top coat. "Inspired by my favorite App, Instagram (Mine as well). This a blue crelly polish with ultra fine gold and tangerine hearts glitter.Lacquered Polish Insta LoveLacquered Polish Insta Love Macro

Next is Hashtag, one of my favorites.It's so pretty, I'm in love with it. "Inspired by our need to identify and relate with others. This is the perfect baby blue crelly polish with a silver shimmer, holographic/blue/iridescent.Lacquered Polish HashtagLacquered Polish Hashtag MacroAnd last but certainly not least is Going Viral. "Inspired by that great Andy Warhol quote. "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." This is a glitter topper that includes various sizes and shapes of blue, green, transparent, red and holographic gold stars glitters." I topped it on Hashtag 💛💚💙💜Lacquered Polish Going ViralLacquered Polish Going Viral Macro 

These are very different (in a good way) and fun. And what about those names? So "social Medial"

For more info please visit their page at Lacquered Polish


Thank loves!



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