Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SheNail Polish Swatches

Hello Lovelies!

This is the first of several posts I will be uploading this week and the following. These are way overdue!

I also have a surprise coming very very soon...

These are a variety of swatches from She Nail Polish that were sent to me as their website is being updated.

I don't want to be writing too much, but all of these are two coats and have top coat as well, if there is anything different I'll list it next to the photo. :-)

A Splash of SpringShe Nail Polish A Splash of Spring

Breaking DawnShe Nail Polish Breaking Dawn

Bright EyedShe Nail Polish Bright Eyed

FlawlessShe Nail Polish Flawless

French Pink TooShe Nail Polish French Pink Too

LyghtShe Nail Polish Lyght

MidnightShe Nail Polish Midnight

New YorkShe Nail Polish New York

Smoke SignalShe Nail Polish Smoke Signal

VacationShe Nail Polish Vacation

Wrap Me in RedShe Nail Polish Wrap Me Up in Red

Maxi Dress is the last of her Summer 2014 collection. I added a coat of white nail polish and then two coats of the color. The ring finger does not have a white base so you can see the difference.She Nail Polish Maxi Dress


If you have an specific question please comment below and I will answer ;-)






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