Friday, August 1, 2014

Essie 'Dress to Kilt' Fall 2014

Good Evening lovelies,

I have a late post tonight as I could not really wait!

On my most recent trip to NY, and as a routine, I went to my spot in Brooklyn and what did I find? The new Essie Fall 2014 collection! Yay! I bought two, wonder what I may do with the extra set?? :-DEssie Fall 2014

Well my dears, I have to say, Essie hit a homerun with this line, I mean, SERIOUSLY! I don't own any of last fall's collection, so the colors are new to me, at least from Essie.

Let's get to them... I may have taken more than one photo of each... ;-)

First up is Fall in Line, is a very shiny, camo green, great formula, and two coats! I am amazed! Essie Fall in Line 1Essie Fall in Line

Take it Outside,  its a very light gray, pink undertone, so creamy, it has a great formula, Flawless! Two coats plus top coat.Essie Take it Outside 1Essie Take it Outside

The Perfect Cover Up, a deep evergreen, and oh My! is it perfect! This is one coat plus top coat. I have to say that I didn't apply a thin coat, which is why I say is a one coater.Essie The Perfect Cover UpEssie The Perfect Cover Up 2Essie The Perfect Cover Up 1

Partner in Crime, another one coater! YES!! This deep chocolate/brown/ mahogany or whatever :-) is perfection! One coat plus top coat.Essie Partner in CrimeEssie Partner in Crime 1

Style Cartel, is a jelly, this blue, oh this blue! I could swear that it looks as if it was gel! The shine is crazy. I did not apply top coat on this one, two coats. Essie Style Cartel 1Essie Style CartelEssie Style Cartel 2


and last is the namesake of this collection, Dress to Kilt, is a beautiful jelly red, reminds me of fishnet stockings, which I own, just a little bit, just a little bit darker. I swear I have the same color from another brand. I may do a comparison later. Regardless, it is great, I did two coats, plus top coat.Essie Dress to KiltEssie Dress to Kilt 2Essie Dress to Kilt 1


Overall, I really, really love this collection, or maybe its just the nail polish hoarder talking, Essie really did it, all six have great formula.

I'll separate them like this: 4 creams, 2 jellies. Perfect coverage, perfect for fall.Essie Dress to Kilt Fall 2014 2


If you live in Canada, you can get these from Nail Polish Canada. They ship free within Canada.


I think I went overboard typing tonight. If you don't follow me on Instagram, please do, I have an extra set of this collection for a giveaway...


Thanks for reading and have a great weekend loves,










  1. Love it! I can't wait to get my hands on these!

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  3. Where are your rings from??? Gorgeous!

  4. Where are your rings from? They are gorgeous!!!!

  5. I bought it at a local store in Brooklyn,NY. Thanks

  6. I bought it at a local store in Brooklyn,NY. Thanks