Saturday, August 30, 2014

Milani Color Statement Swatches

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Today I have a massive post, huge!

Milani released 37! new nail polishes that range from reds, cream, sheer, metallic, pinks, coral, blues, I mean with 37 shades the collection are, honestly speaking, rich, pigmented, beautiful.

I do not want to make you read a lot, so I'll make a brief summary at the end. I'll list the name of the polish and how many coats I used. Lets begin...

Blue Print  (2 coats)Milani Blue Print

Bombshell (3 Thin Coats)Milani bombshell

Tattle Tear (2 coats almost 1)Milani Tattle Teal

Hot Pink Rage ( 2 Coats)Milani Hot Pink Rage

Water Front (2 coats)Milani Water Front

Mauving Forward (1 coat)Milani Mauving Forward

Peri-Wink ( 2 coats) it was a little goopy but overall good. It has a Very subtle shimmer.Milani Peri Wink

Enchanting (2 very thin coats) One of my favorites!Milani Enchanting

Bronze (2 coats)Milani Bronze

Pink Beige (2 coats)Milani Pink Beige

Silhouette (1 coat)Milani Silhouette

Ink Spot (2 coats)Milani Ink Spot

Pearl-Plexed Sheer (1 coat over Ink Spot) It kinda looks like the galaxy... LOVE!Milani Pearl-Plexed Sheer

Gold Plated (2 coats)Milani Gold Plated

Sugar Plum ( 2 coats)Milani Sugar Plum

Crimson Jewel (2 coats)Milani Crimson Jewel

Doll Face (2 coats) thicker formula but still good.Milani Doll Face

Clubs Lights (2 coats)  can be used as 1 coater over any colorMilani Club Lights

Lovely Amethyst (2 coats) MetallicMilani Lovely Amethyst

Red Label (1 coat!)Milani Red Label

Ruby Stone (1 coat!)Milani Ruby Stone

Ultra Violet (2 coats)Milani Ultra Violet

Imperial Purple (2 coats maybe 1)Milani Imperial Purple

Rainbow Prisms (2 coats) can be used as 1 coater over any colorMilani Rainbow Prisms

Mango Tango (2 coats)Milani Mango Tango

Charcoal Charm (2 coats)Milani Charcoal Charm

Modern Rouge (2 coats) its more of a jelly type of polish. So beautifulMilani Modern Rouge


For the Following polishes I decided to be a little creative and use them on some nail art.

Cupcake Icing (2 coats) Used Nail Vinyls and Gold Plated for the accent nailMilani Cupcake Icing

For this look I used two coats of each: Spotlight White and Vintage lace Sheer for a classic French.Milani Spotlight White Vintage Lace tear

For this Iconic Red, seriously creamy and rich, instantly one of my favorites red. A half moon look, topped with quick dry top coat. So pretty if I may say so.Milani Iconic Red

This one is not "art" but used Gilded Rocks on my accent nail and Frenchie Sheer.Milani Frenchie Sheer Gilden Rocks

This color blocking design was done using: Corrupted Coral, Mint Crush & Lady-Like Sheer. There is also a tutorial below on my YouTube Channel.[embed][/embed]Milani Corrupted Coral Lady like Sheer Mint Crush


And an extra look for an Anchor (nautical) Mani. [embed][/embed]Milani Anchor Nails by JaryNails


Overall, excellent polishes, great formula for the most part. They are very very glossy and for most of the photos unless stated, I did not used top coat. I did use for the nail art.

I will be honest and say that I never used any Milani nail polish before, and the quality of these 37 shades are great, and the price could not be more perfect, hold your breath, $3.99!! How can you beat great quality and this crazy price?

You can find these at CVS Pharmacy along with their makeup, which by the way I tried two of the new Bella eye shadows, Bella Teal and Bella Gold! So beautiful!

I will be buying more, Bella Cappucino is at the top of my list. Many YouTubers have mention it and I am going crazy and I cannot find it.


Hope that you like this post and visit my YouTube channel for tutorials on two of these looks.

Until next post.


Love, Jary



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