Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zoya's Entice & Ignite Fall 2014 Collections' Swatches

Good afternoon loves!

It’s been a crazy week, sort of. I was called to work for a couple of days to the office in NY, while out, received these two collections, I was anxious to get back home to swatch them, but when I got back, life and household stuff took most of my time.

Anyway, the wait is over, at least for me it is :-)

I will keep this post short as I have many, many photos (12 polishes in total) to share but I won’t write much. I’ll use Zoya’s definitions of each color followed by my very short opinion ;-)

So here we go...


The Entice Collection is flawless, very, very pigmented and full coverage. I decided not to add top coat as they are very glossy on their own, but adding top coat never hurt anyone.

First up is Clarie a warm, rich burgundy. The formula was perfect! Two coats.Zoya ClaireZoya Claire 2

Ryan, described by Zoya as a classic indigo, great formula. Two coats.Zoya RyanZoya Ryan 2

Nyssa, is a milk chocolate brown, one of my favorites. Two coats.Zoya NyssaZoya Nyssa 2

Veronica, is a wine red, excellent formula. Two coats.Zoya VeronicaZoya Veronica 2

Genevieve, although the label is missing an E, on the website the name is complete. Is a cool leather grey, another favorite. Although is a cream, if looked at closely it seems a bit metallic which to me, makes it perfect. Great formula. Two coats.Zoya GenevieveZoya Genevieve 2

Last from this collection is Margo, a red plum beauty. She is perfect in two coats.Zoya MargoZoya Margo 2

This collection can be found at Zoya and each one is USD$9



Zoya IGNITE offers a six shimmering red, gold, copper and purple liquid metal metallic. Again for this I did not use top coat on any color.

Autumn, such a perfect name for this color. Is a varnished copper liquid metal as described by Zoya. Excellent formula. Two coats.Zoya AutumnZoya Autumn 1Zoya Autumn 2

Remy is a brilliant indigo, perfect in just one coat for me! I have to mention that I did applied a bit more than usual which is why I say is a one coater for me. Drying was a little more time because of this but still perfect.Zoya RemyZoya Remy 1Zoya Remy 2

India is a deep luxurious red with a gold liquid metallic shimmer, that I just love! This was another one coater for me, or you can do two very thin coats.Zoya IndiaZoya India 1Zoya India 2

Teigen is a cranberry pink with copper metallic shimmer. two coats and excellent formula.Zoya TeigenZoya Teigen 1Zoya Teigen 2

Yuna is a beautiful grey with copper and gold  shimmer. Such a beauty and perfect in two coats.Zoya YunaZoya Yuna 1Zoya Yuna 2

last is my favorite of all, Sansa, when I first saw the sneak peek that Zoya gave a couple of weeks ago, I did not relate the name to Game of Thrones ( I started watching the series after and now I'm Obsessed!)Zoya SansaZoya Sansa 1Zoya Sansa 2

Sansa is a deep eggplant purple with gold metallic sparkles! Again I am a sucker for purple so yeah, I love it! One coat for me.

This collection can also be found at Zoya and each one is USD$9


Aside from Monet, I have never, ever had a negative experience with Zoya, and these beauties didn't let me down.

Full coverage, excellent formula! I'm head over heels with this collection, especially with Ignite! definetly a must have!


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Love, Jary







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