Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Essie's 'Jiggle hi Jiggle low' Winter 2014 swatches

Hello lovelies.

Today I have the new Essie Collection for winter 2014 ‘Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low.

The colors are not your "regular" winter colors. It does give a twist to your "traditional" winter colors. They are indeed very beautiful colors, and add more color to those gray and cold days related to winter.

Lets’ get to the swatches and cannot wait for your thoughts!

First up is ‘back in the limo’ a sheer bright ripe-melon as described by Essie. Is a jelly polish and it took four thin coats for this opacity. Formula was Ok, a bit (just a bit) streaky for me.Essie Back in the Limo

Second up is ‘bump up the pumps’ as described by essie a raucous coral mauve. It is a warm color and I have to say it has a perfect coverage and the formula is amazing! Two thin coats plus top coat.Essie bump up the pumps

Third is ‘tuck it in my tux’ a silken ivory, I really like this one is elegant and the formula was great. For this opacity I did three thin coats and top coat. This one reminds me of ‘marshmallow’ but better.Essie Tuck it in my Tux

I love a one coater! This is ‘double breasted jacket’ a tourmaline ruby and it was a dream to apply.Essie Double breasted jacket

The name sake of this collection ‘jiggle hi jiggle low’ is a shimmering bold molten gold, I love this one for the holidays. For this photo I did two coats but you can get away with just one, given that you don’t apply a thin coat. No top coat on this one.Essie jiggle hi jiggle low

Last but never least is ‘jump in my jumpsuit’ a jubilant juicy red. I really liked this color and the formula was excellent as well. It may sound funny but this is like one coat and a half. I did one “normal coat” and then a very thin one. I really loved it.Essie Jump in my Jumpsuit

Overall, I like the colors but I am still trying to relate with winter...not impressed.Essie Jiggle hi jiggle low collection

What do you think?

PS: I bought this myself.

Have a lovely day!

Love, Jary

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  1. Thank you for sharing. They don't impress me very much. Nothing very original. The pale peach and off white interest me but 3 and 4 coats don't. ah well...maybe resort will be better.