Sunday, October 26, 2014

Zoya Wishes Winter Holiday 2014

Good evening,

Today I have the new Zoya Wishes collection for the winter/holiday 2014.
This collection is a densely pigmented assortment that have traditional and magical pixiedust formulas. The combination of these are perfect for the coming holiday season.

Please note that magical pixiedust polishes dry matte. No base coat or topcoat is required. For more tips on how to apply and remove magical Pixiedust polishes please look in HERE.
Now to the good stuff...1

First up is Nori, a sapphire blue magical pixiedust with holographic hex glitter. I did three thin coats for this opacity.Zoya Wishes Nori pixiedust

Zoya Wishes Nori Pixiedust 1
Thea is a deep amethyst magical pixiedust with an orchid flash as described by Zoya. This is three thin coats.Zoya Wishes Thea pixiedust

Zoya Wishes Thea Pixiedust 1
Oh Imogen, you are a beauty. This is a black crystal magical pixiedust. I did two coats for this opacity.Zoya Wishes Imogen Pixiedust 1

Zoya Wishes Imogen PixieDust

Prim is a velvet blue metallic and it's very full coverage, two coats plus top coat and you're good to go.Zoya Wishes  Prim

Zoya Wishes Prim 1
Haven! A true holiday plum. If you have read previous posts that includes purple you know that it is my weakness! The formula is a dream! You can get away with one coat but for the sake of these pictures I did two. It's so shiny that I did not add top coat.Zoya Wishes Haven 1

Zoya Wishes Haven
And last but not least is Willa, a onyx black cream which reminded me of black swan but a bit better formula wise. For this opacity I did two coats plus top coatZoya Wishes Willa

Zoya Wishes Willa 1

The formula on all polishes on this collection is perfect for me, it may sound repetitive but I have not come across a bad polish from Zoya.

Regular polishes are $9 while the pixiedusts are $10.
You can pre-order now at with shipping date of 11/01/14.

Thanks for reading.

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Love, Jary


  1. Hi there!!! I was wondering if you could tell me who I would contact at Zoya to see they would consider me to do swatches for their polishes. I have been trying to Google the information to no available. Thank you so much for any help you can pass on!!

  2. I looked for the customer service at Zoya's website and asked them about being part of their press group. Then they asked for some info. Sorry for the delayed response