Friday, December 5, 2014

Colourpop Eye Shadows

if you follow me on Instagram, I hinted that I would start writing and/or posting more about other beauty products.
Lately my makeup collection has increased a LOT! I want to share my opinion on things that I try, not just nail polish.
Recently I bought three eye shadows from ColourPop and oh my, I'm in love!
Hopefully after all the craziness of the holidays I can get a couple more. They are priced at USD $5 each and they are very pigmented and easily best applied using your fingers.

Each shadow comes in a pod with a lid, as they suggest keeping them highly closed so they can last longer since they are sort of wet.First off I love how they wrap every single shadow, not a chance that they'll get damaged and the cute cards they sent are just so cute.ColourPop Eyeshadows

The three colors I bought are from left to right: I heart this, Smash & Get Lucky (my favorite), I swatched the middle shadow before the photo (talk about desperate)

Colourpop Shadows 1


Maybe soon I'll be brave enough to actually post a photo of myself wearing the makeup I get but for now you get swatches on my hand ;-)

Colourpop Swatches

I have tried these already, and they are really great quality and so affordable.


Until Next time,

xoxo, Jary


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