Saturday, February 14, 2015

Jordana| All about Lips

Happy Saturday and Happy Valentine's Day

Here I am at home while my husband works and we are expecting a blizzard, nice, huh??

We'll be celebrating our Valentine tomorrow. One of these beauties will be on my lips tomorrow, can you guess which one?

Let's write about them and then I'll tell you which and why :-)

Jordan Modern Matte lipstick

These modern matte lipsticks are a winning combination of high payoff pigments. These matte will not give you that dry feeling.

These are talc and paraben-free. There are 18 shades of which 12 are available at Walgreens, which are what I have today.

I swatched these on my arm, from left to right the colors are in order by number:

1- Matte Bare                       7- Matte Popular

2- Matte Blush                     8- Matte It Girl

3- Matte Frappuccino         9- Matte Dare

4- Matte Tease                    10- Matte Pretty

5- Matte Classy                   11- Matte Caliente

6- Matte Adorable               12- Matte Style

Jordan Modern Matte lipstick

My favorites are these below, I tend to go more for nudes and soft pinks. They are really moisturizing and the smell is good, which reminded me of Milani matte lipsticks, a parent company. Suggested price for these is $2.49 at Walgreens.

Jordan Modern Matte lipstick swatches


The following are also beautiful and very pigmented. The only downside? I had to swatch them on different days because they stained my lips so bad that i needed a  break in between. Would I wear them? Yes. Just be aware of the staining. Is there a way to avoid this? Please comment and let me know, I would greatly appreciate it :-)

Jordan Modern Matte lipstick swatches 1

Jordan Modern Matte lipstick swatches

Jordan Modern Matte lipstick swatches

Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain

These have a glossy finish then transform to a perfect sheer. These are retractable-no sharpening required.

Available in two shades: Gorgeous Peony & Fresh Fig. Suggested price for these is $2.99 at Walgreens.Jordana Twist & shine balm stain

Jordana Twist & shine balm stain

My definitive favorite, Gorgeous Peony.


Jordana also released two retractable lip liners. They are very silky and easy to apply. Available in two shades

Rose Crush and Pink Love. Suggested price for these is $1.99 at Walgreens.

Jordana easyliner for lips


As for the matte lipsticks, my favorite is Matte Bare, but I'm sure I'll be reaching for the others in that color family as well.

What do you want to try?


Until next post.

Love, Jary


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