Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Simple Sensitive Skin Experts| Review


When I received these from Simple Skin Care I was really excited as I am more into skin care lately.

I wanted to try these for at least a month before I went ahead and wrote about them. Simple sent these to me to try except for the Cleansing Facial wipes, which I bought before.

Simple Sensitive Skin Experts


I will write about them in the order I would use them :-)

I have learned the hard way not to go to be with makeup on ( I used to do so without a care in the world) then again I was young and didn't know much. I always start by removing my eye makeup first and then moving on to the rest of the face.

Eye Makeup Remover pads

Simple eye makeup remover pads


What I love about these eye makeup remover pads is that it does not irritate my eyes as many other product did to me. I would press the pad gently against my eye for a few seconds and then gently wipe off my eye makeup.

I find the pads to be a bit rough for my eyes, which is why I hold the pad for a few seconds gently pressed against my eyes.


Simple Cleansing Micellar WaterMicellar Cleansing Water

Holy Grail instantly for me. I will confess I was using it all wrong in the beginning. I would remove my makeup with the wipes then wash my face then use the water to remove anything that didn't wash off before not because I didn't read the instructions, I am hardheaded and didn't believe this water to remove any makeup, I WAS WRONG.

I have used it at least three times to remove makeup and it is simply the best I have tried. Its like magical water, seriously, a water that removes makeup?? YES! Very refreshing, does not leave skin greasy at all it didn't dry it either.


Exfoliating Facial Wipes

Exfoliating Facial Wipes

I never used an exfoliating wipe before this. This was quite the surprise. Each wipe have a "rough" side and a softer one, so you have a choice on what your skin can handle. These are perfect to carry on your gym bag or to travel, or any other circumstance. I mostly use Clarisonic to exfoliate at least four times a week, but the days that I don't use it I use these wipes and what I like the most is that it is also non-drying.

This helps to scrub off dead skin cells for a better looking skin. I would not use it around the eye area as it may be too rough for the skin.

I do recommend this for a quick way to exfoliate if you're tight on time and want an effective way to wipe off dead skin cells without investing too much time.


Cleansing Facial Wipes

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes


If you could only carry one facial cleansing wipes with you, I can highly recommend this one. It removes everything, even the toughest mascara. Very Gentle and does not dry my very oily skin.

There are days that I do not want to go through a whole process to remove my makeup and this would do just great. Not much to say, except to get it. It is worth it. I bought a 3-pack at BJs for about USD $12.


Moisturizing Facial Wash

Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash

Very hydrating, gentle and great product. For the past month my skin has been really loving this, especially in the morning, because I mainly exfoliate at night and my skin can be a bit dry in the morning so this is a must in the AM for me. I just love it.


You can find Simple Skin Care products at CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and more at a very affordable price.

Which one do you want to try?

My two favorites: Micellar water and cleansing facial wipes.

Until next post,


Love, Jary



DISCLOUSURE: These were sent to me by Simple Skin Care, it does not affect my opinion and will never give a false review.





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  1. Just wanted to say, these are my favorites. ^_^ The moisturizing facial wash is what I use all the time, and I got the makeup wipes free from some kind of in-store promotion they were doing, the facial wash was packaged with a package of the wipes, and I bought 2 so it got me hooked. xD I recently ran out of the wipes and need to buy more! The wipes are great for taking your makeup off *anywhere*, so you can keep them in your desk at work to take your make up off before heading to the gym. Also the price is amazing. =D