Wednesday, April 15, 2015

L.A. Colors Gel Polish


I am so glad to be back and catching up.

Today's post is about L.A. Color Gel polish, this post will be only for seven of them and at the end of this post there will be a surprise.

I did two coats plus top coat for every color on this post.

This Stunner is just perfect for this summer. it looks way better IRL.

LA Colors Gel Stunner

Untamed is a bright neon like pink.LA Colors Gel Untamed

Mademoiselle is a beautiful beige with pink/brown undertone.LA Colors Gel Mademoiselle

Muse is a darker pink with purple undertone.LA Colors Gel Muse


Damsel is a light purple. One of my favorites.LA Colors Gel  Damsel

Vampy is a very dark wine red. The formula on this one was a bit better that the others. YAY!LA Colors Gel Vampy

Daring is a bright blue. Like many other blues like this one, look out for stains. After removing the color just brush your nails for a couple of minutes using whitening toothpaste and the stain should be gone.LA Colors Gel Daring


These polishes are insanely shiny and with a pretty decent formula. The brush, on the other hand, leaves me a little disappointed. They are not long enough, but I can work with that. Some of these brushes have some bristles longer than others making it kinda messy to apply nail polish. Don't let that discourage you as these polishes are very affordable.

You can find these at select Family Dollar and Fred Meyer Store.

I will give away an extra set of all colors shown here plus the top coat on my Instagram account.


Until next post,


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