Monday, May 4, 2015

Essie Summer 2015| Peach Side Babe Collection

Hello loves!
I got my hands on the Essie's summer 2015 collection.
These colors are beautiful no doubt but not quite the kind that WOWED me at all.
Let's get to the colors...
Private Weekend is a white cream with glitter.  Beautiful white with glitter on the bottle but the glitter would not show on the nails. Nada! Oh but you will see the glitter once you start to remove it. WITCHCRAFT ha!
I did two coats. Plus top coat.

Chillato is a pastel green. It has good formula and obtain opacity with three coats.

Salt Water Happy is a light blue. It can easily be a one coaster but I did two thin coats plus top coat. The formula is actually pretty great.

Peach Side Babe is a peach crelly. Not impressed with this one as is very similar to other colors I own from Essie and other brands. I did three thin coats. You can see a photo with other colors that looked similar on the bottle also from Essie.

Sunset Sneaks is a bright red/orangey color. Good formula. Two thin coats plus top coat.

Pret-A-Surfer is a blurper (blue purple) a gorgeous one coater.  Excellent creamy formula.

Do I love the colors? Yes. Yet they failed to impress me. I will try to find dupes from all my polishes and hopefully post it really soon on my Instagram.
I keep expecting from Essie to release a yellow and other colors that are not so repetitive

Would you buy this collection? What are you're favorites?

Until next post,

Disclosure: I purchased this collection from the internet. Ulta already have them on their website.


  1. Thanks for the gorgeous swatches! I actually love all the colors from this collection and am waiting for my order to arrive. It's the first time in a long time where I love the colors in the ENTIRE collection. And I love that both blues keep getting stellar reviews on their formulas! I'm definitely disappointed to read that the shimmer doesn't come through on the white and the peach looks exactly like Tart Deco. Great review!

  2. Loved all the swatches Jary :P
    Please do a Dupe post too 😊
    And you have a great blog!

  3. Thank you! I have all the polishes ready for the dupes, or similar colors. :-)

  4. I was excited for that white polish and disappointed really bad. Thank you so much for your comment