Monday, August 24, 2015

Essie Fall 2015 | Leggy Legend

Good evening!

Why the exclamation point Jary? Because I am really amazed with this collection 100%...
Seriously Essie, you nailed it!

I will say that this collection is flawless, the formula is AMAZING on every single color.
On most of the previous collections, I felt that something was missing but as I was applying these on my nails, my jaw kept dropping a bit more...I am excited.

First is Frock 'N Roll, a shimmering deep brown, or espresso as Essie would describe it. SO rich. Two thin coats or you can get away with one.

Color Binge is a gorgeous orange red. One coat!

The name sake of this collection is Leggy Legend, and a legend indeed...Two beautiful thin coats of this bronze beauty filled with shimmer.

With the Band a deep red with burgundy undertone, such a rich creamy formula. Easily a one coater but I did two thin coats.

Bell-Bottom Blues is a shimmered midnight indigo a really intense blue. Two coats.

Last but certainly not least is In the Lobby, an exotic cinnamon plum as described by Essie. A beauty, a must for this fall.

The three non shimmered colors may seem like deja vu, yes, they are many similar out there, but the formula is so good that you will want them all.
I was wondering if I got a good batch, because I am impressed.

Great job Essie!

These colors are available now and they retail for USD$8.50 at your local drugstores, Target and Essie's.

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  1. I am amazed by this collection too, so you are not the only one with a good batch ☺ I love the formula on all of this just as much as you do. They really nailed it this time 💖