Monday, August 17, 2015

Focus & Flair Fall 2015 | Zoya Nail Polish

Happy Monday my loves!

My goal is to have many posts this week and today I'm starting with the new fall 2015 collection by Zoya called Focus & Flair.
These collections consist of 12 shades, six creams and six metallic.
Let’s jump right in with the creams and I’ll try to be brief.

Focus (creams)

Charli is a dusty taupe cream with a hint of green, so creamy extremely opaque. Two coats, no top coat for photo purposes.

Desiree reminded me of Louise but once I held the bottle next to each other you could tell a difference. This is a classic sable brown with a grey tone undertone which is what makes it different from Louise. Two coats no top coat.

Janel is a deep red, warm color. Two coats no top coat.

Oh Lidia! I am a sucker for purples and this one is not the exemption. It can best be described as a rich eggplant, with a blackened purple and a hint of red as Zoya describes it. It is more like a crelly (cream and jelly) but with enough coverage in just two coats. No top coat.

Hannah can easily be confused with Janel. Hannah is more bright very classic red. Two coats no top coat.

Sia, is a true blue. I have seen many similar colors to this one and I know it may seem like a perfect dupe for many others, but a girl can never have too many blues, right?!
This one surprised me because when I removed it, I didn’t have any staining. It is recommended to use a base coat to prevent the staining.

Focus thoughts? Excellent formulas for these six shades and you cannot go wrong with them. My favorites: Charli, Desiree and Lidia.

Flair (metallics)

I’ll confess I am not a fan of metallic and you can tell by my posts on my Instagram J
I mean, they are not that frequent. Some of these are making me drool and let’s jump to those…

Tris is a gun metal grey with silver micro shimmer…one of my favorite. Two coats no top coat.

Cinnamon is a GORGEOUS, classic bronze liquid metal. It is definitely a favorite for sure. Two coats no top coat.

Giada, a purple liquid metal. No more to say, I’m in love. Two coats no top coat. Look at that beauty!

Ember is a deep fiery red, a beautiful red for sure. Two coats no top coat.

Estelle is my least favorite, but that is just my taste. It’s a blue on blue liquid metal, good formula. Two coats no top coat.

Aggie is a gld holo-flip liquid metal with bronze micro glitter. Surprisingly I could not stop staring at this one, its growing on me. Two coats (although I should’ve have done three thin coats) no top coat.

These six shades have me right in the middle, I really love three and the other three? I’m just OK.

What are your favorites? Which ones can’t you wait to try?

These are available at Zoya now for USD$9 each.

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