Friday, August 21, 2015

Simple's Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes |Review

Good evening and Happy Friday!!

Today I have a very short review but very worth the reading.
I received a sample of the new Simple Micellar makeup remover wipes.

These are just like any other wipes out there with the difference that its not oily and does not have any overwhelming smell.
What I love about these is that they do not leave my skin feeling dry at all, and I have to mention I have very oily skin.

I did not like using these to remove eye makeup, as my eyelids are sensitive and for the eyes the towel feels a bit rough. The times I did use it for my eyes I would lay the towel against my eyelids and gently swipe. It comes in a reseal-able package and keeps the air away to keep them from drying.

I still prefer the Micellar water for my eyes, hands down, its holy grail for me (getting a new one tomorrow, almost empty)

These did beat any other makeup remover wipes I have used before, so I will definitely keep buying.

You can find these at many drugstores for $6.99.

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