Sunday, August 16, 2015

Terax Italia Color Locking Leave in conditioner| Review

Hello and Happy Sunday!

It seems like forever since I last wrote a post.
Today's post is a different one, a hair product review!
I received a bottle of Terax Italia's Hydrate color blocking leave in conditioning.

Before posting about this I wanted to at least try it for a month or four hair washes, as I am one of those that washes her hair once a week.
Why? because my hair is dry, frizzy and it takes a long time to style, well at least for me.
I do not go to any stylist as I do all the work myself ;-)

This leave in conditioner is for hydrating and locking in color, and I am hooked! My hair has never been better. 
I never towel dry my hair before styling but also its not dripping wet. I section my hair in four and spray right before I start blow drying each section. I spray twice on each section or about four times over my whole hair and then brush to spread the product.

I tried this two ways: blow drying my hair and with hair rollers, but I prefer blow drying as I think leaves my hair at its best.

Regardless if this was sent to me as a PR sample, I highly recommend this for dry, frizzy hair like mine. Specially now during this hot weather season it has managed to control my hair and its frizziness.  The two photos below are right after styling my hair top without flash bottom with flash.
I did not use any other leave in conditioner, and washed and conditioned my hair with regular drugstore shampoo and conditioner from Suave.

Now, the price tag for this is USD$22 at Ulta, well worth the price as it will last you some good time.

Hope that this review was helpful :-)

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