Sunday, December 27, 2015

Zoya Whispers Swatches and Review | Transitional Shades 2016


Hope that you all had a great holiday. I am so sorry for being MIA but if you head to my Instagram, you'll understand why :-)

I have today swatches and review of the new transitional shades from Zoya.
Why transitional? The transition from winter to spring, although winter has not really hit here in Massachusetts, it was 70 degrees on Christmas eve!

These offer color serenity with a muted and tranquil palette of transitional neutrals and I love!
The bottle shot makes them seem as if they have glitter, they don't its just what I used as a background playing tricks :-)

Let's go to them...

April, is described as a light rosy toned neutral. The formula was thin but very buildable with three coats plus top coat.

Lake, a softened blue, that gives that effect of serene water with a hint of vibrancy to preserve its luminosity. (love this description by Zoya)
The formula was good, it may seem with the first coat that its going to be bad but as soon as the second coat is applied, it is just perfect coverage.

Eastyn, is a subtle grayed grape. A very interesting color and so so pretty!
The formula was great, a bit thick, but it applies great and the coverage is really good.

Cala, a soft nude, and I see a bit of a yellow undertone. The formula was thin, sheer like, very buildable and has a coverage with three coats.

Misty, is an easy to wear taupe that looks grey but with a touch of green. Loved the formula. I applied two coats plus top coat.

Ireland, (such a fitting name) is a wearable green that is muter enough to make it subtle and interesting. Swatched this one last because I knew I wanted to wear it for a couple of days.
Two coats plus top coat.

Although some of the colors have a thinner formula I think its an amazing collection if you don't like bold colors.

This will be available for preorder tomorrow December 28th on Zoya's website.
Each will be USD$9.

Which one(s) caught your eye?

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  1. Great swatches! I am loving these colors but these look so similar to the natural satins from last year! Any chance you may be able to do some comparisons for those trying to avoid dupes? Thanks!

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Hopefully I can do it before New Year's Eve. Thank you!

    2. I own the natural satin collection and was in the process of preordering Whispers when I realized if you glossy topcoat the satins they are really close to the same but with a bettr (thicker) formulation instead of crelly Cancelled the preorder...

    3. I thought the same thing Debra! I prefer the topcoat over the satins myself so I think i will be skipping this collection as I prefer the thicker formulation.