Saturday, March 12, 2016

Essie Spring 2016 "Lounge Lover" | Swatches & Review

Happy Saturday!

Let's keep the Essie swatches rolling. Today I have Essie's Spring 2016 Collection called 'Lounge Lover'

Although these colors seem very close/similar to others I own from Essie, there are no dupes.
Let's jump right in...

High Class Affair is a blush nude. It gives perfect coverage in two coats. Formula and application was good.

Shades on is a deep violet. The formula was a dream! So creamy. The best part? Its a ONE COATER!!

Pool Side Service is Cerulean blue. Umm Cerulean? is a range of colors from deep blue, sky blue, to deep cyan. Ok I learned something new today :-)
Another one coater and with excellent formula.

Lounge Lover is a pretty pink peach. It screams SPRING and covers perfectly with two coats.

Sunshine State of Mind is a blazing coral tangelo as Essie describes it. So vibrant and beautiful. Perfect for the summer as well. Two thin coats.

Last but not least is Off Tropic, is very very glossy. Although the color may not be spring-ish it does mix well with the other. Am I crazy? This one also is a one coater. Excellent formula

I love all the formulas and the colors as well. I am very pleased with the formula and application.

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