Sunday, May 15, 2016

Zoya Nail Polish Summer 2016 Collections | Sunsets & Seashells Swatches and Reviews

Happy Sunday!

I feel like Spring collections just flew by! I wanted to have more collections posted and swatched but let’s be real, I’m pregnant with a baby due any minute. I didn’t want to add to what I already do and then stop it when my little one arrives but I do have to mention that I have new things coming to this blog…perhaps a new name, more variety…We’ll see.
Today’s post is all about one of my favorite nail polish brands…Zoya. Their new summer 2016 collection consists of two collections: Seashells ( PixieDust) and Sunsets (cremes)

 Zoya Sunsets

This crème collection is described by Zoya as “one coaters” I was excited to test these and I’m thorn right in the middle.

I usually apply thin coats but for these I did apply more than normal for my first coat and I’ll say they work OK. Let’s go right in details for each one.

Cam is a very deep, bright orange, in the bottle looks almost neon. I had a very sooth application but for my nails I had to do two coats. It dried considerably within normal time, about five minutes, but then I do always use a quick dry top coat.

Dory, as describe by Zoya is a very vibrant cornflower blue. Such a beautiful application and one coat.

Liv is the sheerest of all, a little more crelly than crème. I applied one coat, but then again I did use more than normal for application which honestly did not affect the drying time for me.

Dixie was one of my favorites to apply. Very smooth application for this watermelon like color. Sure to be a hit for me this summer. I applied one coat.

Ness is a jaded green. Very soft, creamy and pigmented. I did one coat for this coverage.

Brynn is a popsicle pink also with a very creamy formula. Easy application and a one coater.

Zoya Seashells

I think Zoya’s texture nail polish or PixieDust are by far my favorites which makes this part much easier to write.

Overall, I did two coats for each color. Although three would be good for some as well. They do dry quickly and have a matte sparkly finish.

Zoya has a video on their YouTube channel on how to apply and remove this type of polishes.

Watch it HERE

Cece is a beautiful green. This textured pixiedust has hints of gold in it as well.

Tilly, a favorite, is a starry grey than when photographed you can see blue popping out and I loved it!

Linds is a cherry red and I love it. It’s the most pigmented of all. Such a delicious beautiful color.

Bay is a sky blue. While looking at my photo I was in love of the combo of this color with my ring. So much perfection for a beach day.

Zooey is a delicate pink. Two coats.

Levi is beige gold that reminds me so much of Godiva but much more gold.

I always try to create nail art using as many polishes as possible from one collection and hopefully I’ll get to it very soon.

These two collections are going to be very important accessories during this summer.
Each color is $10 on Zoya's website.

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