Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Essie's Off The Wall Neon 2016 Collection | Swatches & Review


It has been a while!
Today I have swatches of the new Neon collection 2016 from Essie.

As always this collection consists of six shades and now Essie is including a Prime & Pop Base Coat which is basically a white nail polish.

For each color I applied two thin coats of the white Primer. In order for the neon to look smooth and non-streaky its better if the white base is opaque and even, in my opinion. For each color I'll write how many coats I did.

First is the name sake of this collection, Off the Wall, as described by Essie is a bombshell shocking pink, it is bright and as the light hits you can see some purple undertone. I did 3 coats for this opacity. Although it took three coats I still like this one.
Off The Wall Essie

Off The Wall Essie

Second is In It to Wyn It, and electric turquoise. So hard to capture the true color. Three coats for this opacity. This color, for me, looked streaky and not even.

Gallery Gal, is a coral pink. A favorite for me. Two coats.

Stencil Me In, an electric citrus lime, don't know if its the right description by Essie but this one is another favorite. 2 Coats over two coats of white primer.

I love, love purples and this one I just could not make it work. This is The Fuchsia of Art, three coats and I could not stop it from looking like this.

Last is, Mark on Miami. Definitely another favorite, this bright orange was opaque with two coats.

I'm thorn with this collection, I liked three and the other three not so much...
Do I like that most neons out there need a white base? Oh NO! It's just too much and too time consuming. Still that does not stop me from using them Ha ha!

As always neons dry matte so a glossy top coat must be use to add that popping neon shine.

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