Tuesday, August 9, 2016

NEW Simple® Feel-Good Cleansers| Review


Today I have a mini review of two new products from Simple and improved cleansing facial wipes.

Aside from nails I have always been a makeup lover and after having my baby, skin care has become my obsession and having these to remove makeup and care for my skin without harsh chemicals is a must for me now.

I will list these products as I would use them …

First up is the improved Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes. I like that these will not dry as quick as some other wipes. I remove all my face makeup skipping the eyes. I like these a bit more than Simple's Micellar wipes and these wipes are really soft. The packaging maintains moisture with Agua-Lock™ so your last wipe is still fresh. Make sure to look for the ones that says "Improved" in the corner

Second is the Dual Eye Make-Up Remover…AHH-Mazing! Yes it is oily and many people may not like this but seeing how my waterproof make-up dissolves, it’s so satisfying. My sister and I tested it recently on waterproof eyeliner and even she was surprised how quick it was to remove it. This also will condition your eyelashes.

Last is the ‘Hydrating Cleansing Oil’ this is the one I was most excited for. I had my eye on a more expensive cleansing oil and once I found out this was coming I completely forgot about the other one. I'll use this to remove the last bit of makeup left on my face. The only thing I didn’t like its that the directions says to use 2-3 drops and massage over your face. Well for me I had to use three times that, it is still not a lot but in my case I had to use more. Once you’re done massaging, rinse off with warm water and it will turn into a milky solution. After this my last step is to wash my face with a cleanser which is usually during my shower.

Just after about four uses for each of these products I can consider myself hooked and will buy these in the future.

I had bought the hydrating cleansing oil at Target but could not find the other two yet. 
Simple did send these to me which does not affect my opinion of these and was not required to review these products.

What I like about this more is how affordable they are. 
These are the prices at Target:
  • Simple Dual Effect Eye Make-Up Remover $6.99
  • Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil $9.99
  • Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes $4.49
Which one are you most curious to try?

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