Thursday, September 22, 2016

Baby's Nursery & Closet Organization

Happy Almost Friday!

Today I wanted to share how we (my husband and I) prepared/decorated/re-arranged our bedroom to fit the baby's crib.
We knew from the very beginning that the baby was going to be with us in our bedroom even before I was pregnant.
We do have another bedroom in our house but that one is mostly used for guests, my office, and beauty room :-)

Eventually the baby will have her own bedroom but for now this is how we did.

Our bedroom is big: Two closets, pretty good space left with a queen size bed in it even enough space to fit another crib in between our bed and the crib.
I am crazy for lavender, purple and butterflies. Anyone who knows me knows this too well.


List and links of items on the pictures above:
  • Wall D├ęcor: TRM Design- $48.00
  • 4 Piece Crib Set: Amazon- $129.99
  • Purple Butterfly: Amazon- $7.95
  • NoJo Butterfly Hamper: Amazon- $42.99 (I had it originally on Registry at Babies R'Us)
  • White Crib: Babies R Us- $149.99
  • Mobile: Amazon- $37.00
  • Motorola Remote Wireless: Babies R us- $143.99  
  • First Year Belly Stickers-pink: Babies R us-$7.99
We had to "kick" my husband out of the smaller closet to use it for the baby. I've seen so many ideas on Pinterest for closet organization but I decided to go with a chest of drawers. I got this dresser at IKEA. After I bought this one it was recalled due to the many accidents with children. Since this one is in the closet I do not have to worry for now and will get a new, more secure one at a later time. 

Here's how I organized the drawers with organizers from IKEA
From top to bottom:
  1. Pajamas, bodysuits, pants.
  2. Burp clothes, bibs, socks, Washcloths, hats
  3. Fitted sheets, towels, receiving blankets, etc. 
And last its what I have on my nightstand that its essential for me and that I need very close by.
My baby girl is sleeping through the night already and as for her feeding I keep measured containers with formula, bottled water and bottles in another dresser so I do not have to run downstairs early in the morning when she usually wakes up before falling back asleep.

Other essentials: Thermometer, Tylenol, rash cream, diapers and LED night light Lumen activated.

Right now this arrangement is working great for us without feeling crowded in our bedroom.
Hope it helps in giving some ideas for any future mom out there :-)

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