Thursday, December 8, 2016

She Colors Cosmetics' Winter 2016 Collection| Review & Swatches

Happy Almost Friday!

Today I have the newest collection from She Colors Cosmetics previously known as She Colors Nail Polish.
After a short hiatus they're back and expanding :-)

This collection consists of six shades. Let's take a look...

Call me Classy is a soft nude.

You Can't see me is your classic black nail polish.
Alright Now, another classic white.
WOW is a olive green, very sheer. Did three coats for this one.
Can You Handle it is a bright yellow
Live, Love, Laugh is a magenta pink.

Aside from WOW I did two coats for all other polishes. The formulas are good and easy to apply.

These are available now on She Colors Cosmetics for $6 each.

Until next post


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