Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dr. Dana Celebrity Nail Colors | Swatches & Review

Happy Thursday!

Today I have a brand new 9-Free nail color from Dr.Dana. These polishes were created in collaboration with six celebrity female figures: Gayle King, Kelly Ripa, theSkimm, Hannah Storm, Quincy Davis and Judy Joo.

Nine free? What is that?  Is a healthier way to wear nail color with the peace of mind of knowing is expertly formulated by a dermatologist and nail specialist, Dr. Dana Stern.

If you’re like me I only knew up to six, I think, but nine? In Dr.Dana’s website you can find what all nine of these ingredients that these polishes are made without here.

She also offers a hydrating base coat and a quick dry top coat which are also nine free. Let me tell you that the hydrating base coat is a must for me now.

Let’s go to the swatches and descriptions taken directly from her website and then I’ll follow with my thoughts.

Gayle“Gayle” was created with, and named for, television host and magazine editor Gayle King. The perfect, full coverage nude pink, it’s soft, subdued and universally flattering—the ultimate must-have nail color. 

Kelly“Kelly” was created with, and named for, award-winning television personality Kelly Ripa. A vivacious pink, it’s a fun, fearless, feel-good color that lifts spirits and exudes confidence. Easily a one coater! 

theSkimm“theSkimm” was created with, and named for, theSkimm, a female-founded media company that makes it easier to be smarter. A bespoke blue, it makes you feel inspired and ready to make waves—the perfect shade for spring. 

Hannah“Hannah” was created with, and named for, award-winning journalist, producer, director and author Hannah Storm. A vibrant tangerine, it’s fun, fabulous and fierce—everything a woman wants to be.  Orangey colors always makes my skin look so tan and beautiful. Can't wait for summer :-)

Quincy“Quincy” was created with, and named for, professional surfer Quincy Davis. A soft, sheer, effortless pink, nails look au natural with a hint of high gloss shine. 

Judy“Judy” was created with, and named for, world-renowned chef patron, television personality, cookbook author and entrepreneur Judy Joo. A classic red, it is as romantic and elegant as it is bold and confident. 

I used the base coat and top coat for each swatch. I did two coats for all of them 

I am currently on day three of wearing Gayle on my nails and day six of wearing Judy on my toes. When you have an almost one year old baby and are crawling on the floor and dragging your feet playing one would think that the nail polish would be all gone, Nope! Still holding on strong. I have to mention that I hardly wear gloves while doing the dishes and Gayle as if I just applied it.

The Packaging is delicate in white with a bit of the color peeking from a clear D. the brush is excellent and makes applying color so effortless.

All colors, base and top coat are available now on Dr.Dana’s website. Color polishes are $18 and base/top coat are $20 each. It is high end and oh so worth. If you sign up for their newsletter you get 10% off, which may not be much but its something.

A portion from the sales of each color will be donated to the charity of these celebrities choices.

Interested in trying these? Please comment to let me know.

Until next post.

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