Friday, September 29, 2017

Morgan Taylor Matadora Collection Fall 2017| Swatches & Review

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Today I have a collection from Morgan Taylor: Matadora Fall 2017 Collection.
This collection is ready to help transition into autumn with six crisp, beautiful tones.

The Matadora collection is inspired by the rich culture of Spain. This limited collection features a wide variety of shades that captures the country's vivacious energy and love for life.

As a note from Morgan Taylor: this collection is to honor the beautiful and deep-rooted culture of Spain; it does not aim to glorify bull-fighting or animal cruelty in any way.

Now, with that clarified lets go in to each shade of this collection.

I'm Drawing A Blanco is a white shimmer pearl with glitter.

Mauve Your Feet is a creamy mauve

Danced and Sang-ria is a deep eggplant purple

All Tango-d Up is a creamy burgundy

Don't Break My Corazon is a warm, Spanish red

Olé My Way is a deep cobalt blue with shimmer

I honestly loved this collection. The formula was just perfect. I did two coats for each color and added their top coat and base coats for these swatches.

It is my first time trying these and I am now wanting to try more for their line. The brush was perfect to apply the colors for this collection.

My favorites: Don't Break my Corazon, Olé My way and Mauve Your feet.

These are available now from Loxa Beauty and each retail for $9.

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