Friday, February 9, 2018

Zoya's Bridal Bliss | Swatches & Review


I received the newest collection from Zoya Nail polish, Bridal Bliss.
The collection of twelve nail polishes include eleven polishes previously released.

Bridal Bliss features one brand new shade – Zoya in Brighton – a full coverage, diamond holographic soft nude. A favorite of mine already.

On to swatches...

First, is Erika, my sister's name :-) which she loves!
Is a soft, girly,pale baby pink with lots of fine gold shimmer.

Abby is a light lavender cream.

Avril, soft neutral pink with light brown undertone.

Blu, its a soft pale baby blue.

Bela, a ballet slipper pink in a very sheer milky creme finish.

Rue is a boudoir blush cream.

The newest Zoya shade in Brighton, is a full coverage diamond holographic soft nude.
Zoya, listen to me...YOU NEED TO MAKE more of this in all colors possible :-)

Loretta is a light beige with a sheer creme finish.

Chantal is a french vanilla cream.

Snow White is a pure white cream.

Leia, is a sheer, opalescent white with flecks of fuchsia, green and gold. Can be used as a topper over your favorite Zoya shade.

And last is McKenna, a refined pearl in a soft almond.

I applied two coats for all shades. If you want you can do three or more coats for the most sheer shades. Brighton would look much better with three. I am obsessed with it and good that I have a backup already :-)

These are all available now at Zoya and each retail for $10.

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