Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Utopia Artist Eyeshadow Palette| Kokie Cosmetics


I have been so busy with work that It consumed most of my time the past three weeks.
So, I thought it would be easier to return to blog with an easy post.

I recently bought the new Utopia Palette by Kokie Cosmetics. The other two are the Peachy Queen and Treasured Palette.

This palette has a range of shimmers and mattes in soft hues ranging from pastels to deep rich tones.

When I swatched these on my arm using eye primer, I was very disappointed because they were not pigmented enough and needed a lot of build up. Boy was I wrong!
Once I wore these on my eyes I was very impressed. They are not very pigmented at all and need to be built up but the pay off was nice.

The formula was more on the dry side and once I put the brush in, not a lot of fallout, which is a plus for me.
My two least favorites shades are: Delight and Paradise as they were hard to build up in my opinion.

I did a quick smoky eye look with beyond and loved this shade as it was the easiest to build up.

Very surprised with this palette and for $15 it's pretty good.

I bought mine on Kokie's website and shipping was pretty fast.

Have you tried any other Kokie product?

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