Monday, July 16, 2018

Zoya Nail Polish Element Fall 2018 | Swatches & Review

I seriously have no excuse for not posting more regularly in here.
I do have content just not enough time.
Today I needed to post about the new Zoya Nail Polish Fall collection Element.

This collection consists of 12 nail polishes. Let's jump right in and at the end look for a link for a sale that Zoya is having for this collection.

Alyssa a red tone purple cranberry cream.

Devin a steel blue with hints of multicolored shimmer in a dense foil finish.

Donnie a purple tone sangria cream

Jenna a dusty rose pink cream

Gardner a deep periwinkle with vibrant magenta shimmer in a foil finish.

Kendra a beautiful marsala cream.

Leighton a deep blackened aubergine cream.

Maeve a gorgeous concord grape cream.

MaryAnn a pink-tined rose with soft glowing shimmer.

Rachael a mulberry berry cream

Rumor a mauve taupe with a subtle shimmer. This finish is just so good for me.

Ruthie a raspberry rose cream.

My favorites are: Rumor, Alyssa, Leighton and Alyssa. Wished that Zoya would have included a brown, burnt orange maybe a green. Formula wise they are all good and covered well in two coats.

Zoya is offering a special Pre-order deal on this collection:

Buy Sampler A, Get Sampler B Free + Free Shipping 
Link to Purchase: 
Just click “Add to Cart” and both samplers will be added with the promotion code (FALL18) 
*Open to US/Canada Consumers Only. International Processing Fee Applies*

Available to purchase individually on August 1st.

If you could've add any color to this collection what would it be?

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